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Jens Holmes(77) grew up in Ghent. At the age of ten, he was already breakdancing his ass off. Thanks to this breakdancing, he became interested in elektronik dance and sound. Collecting records became a second nature, with the result that his current collection and musical knowledge would make people turn green with envy. Early influences came from hip-hop, electro, new beat, disco and pop music to rock and classical dance stuff. One day he saw a video clip of Grandmaster Flash scratching and this image woke the DJ in Jens. 

Beginning of the 90's, "his interest in house music was awakened by his older brother. He brought home tapes from Boccaccio, Cherrymoon and La Rocca, his regular party-places. Too young to go to these places, Jens had to satisfy his curiosity for music with the tapes. This gave his interest for music a big extra boost. 

A decent pair of turntables was way out of the young Jenss budget, so he started tinkering at two old stereos. He knew a pitch was a necessity for a DJ, so he turned to a Lego Technics remote control-box for help and made his own. Thanks to himself and Lego, he was able to start mixing. The first mix tapes were produced for friends and family. By the time he was 16, he gave up on Lego and bought a mixer and two better turntables, and then finally at the age of 17, the purchase of two SL 1200s followed. 

He started playing at smaller bars in and around Ghent(e.g Soul Sol, Mowgli) until one day, he won a dj contest(Lodeo, Stu Bru, Het Volk). This first place and the Teknoville and Tess parties Studio Brussel threw, got him a residency at Club Decadance in Ghent. 

Besides his residency at the Club Decadance, he also plays or has played as guest dj in most clubs in Belgium e.g. Café D'Anvers, Culture Club, Cherry Moon, Club 69 now Suite 16, Extreme, Krush Club, Charlatan,... and events such as : Free Vibes, Push IT, Knoxville, Body 2 Body, Beats Of Love, 10 Days Off, Forrest Festival .... Since April 2004 Jens Holmes is a monthly resident in France. He played in Lyon @La Chapelle and got to meet Fred K with whom he recently started playing gigs with at Club La Maizon, Folies Pigalles, Le Tryptique aka Social Club, OPA and Nouveau Casino in Paris. He also played/plays as a guest in Holland@De Rechter, Eindhoven . Check out his agenda for further details. Next to all this deejaying Jens Holmes also writes vinyl reviews and interviews for Nightcode magazine(formerly OUT SOON), the only dance music and clubbing magazine in Belgium. And if that isn't enough he also hosts and produces his own radioshow on Urgent.fm/105.3FM, every saturday from 8 pm till 6 am. In 2006 he was selected to play on the 10Days Off Festival in Ghent, Belgium. In 2007 he played on Switch, Stubru next to Beats of Love, 2008 started good as well with a release on Punk'ID records under Afternooners, Interval Ep, and a new residency at the Cherrymoon Club. In 2009 he was again selected to play at the prestigious 10 Days Off Festival. A second release also followed on Punk'Id Records, Out The Hook Ep. Check it out on Beatport or Junodownload!!

If you catch him playing the turntables, you'll hear a set that is mostly house, minimal, tech, disco, funk, electro, detroit, chicago?:) orientated, flavoured with some old skool(acid) classics, always ready in his record bag. Just listen? 

Jens Holmes

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